Whirlwind of emotions


It started out as an infatuation, as it always does.

There were reasons right in front of my eyes to let this infatuation go. I knew in my head that this might turn out to be a disaster all over again.

But I plunged.

And I dived right into the depth of it all. I hit the waters and was being pulled into the darkness. I could only see the white bubbles around me and the crack of dawn far above me at the edge of the waters.

The edge was too far I knew, and I kept sinking in – and each bubble around me was a reminder of this infatuation turning into something more…. First it changed into a habit, then slowly into an addiction. Soon I was unable to move to my will and was stuck in the depth of these deep waters.

It was then, after all of this turmoil, I realised that I didn’t have any trouble breathing anymore. I realised that the water is warm and comfortable. The darkness slowly evaded and my eyes adjusted to the deep ocean, beautiful and full of emotions.

I was home, I felt. My limbs were glowing, my hair flowing, and I knew I looked beautiful. The ocean that surrounded me, made me stronger and I plunged back, swimming seamlessly to the edge.

I finally broke to the edge and I took a breath. But I wasn’t even breathless. I felt the air fill my lungs and for some reason it felt alien. The light was too bright and the breeze too cold. I wasn’t familiar with my previous life anymore, I had evolved and my home down below awaited.

I smiled at the sky and looked out to the shore. I bid my farewell to life beyond the waters. And then I swam back into the ocean and let the emotions fill me up again.

The deep waters embraced me, and it told me that it never intended for me to be scared. The water itself was scared that I would leave… Leave to the easier, brighter world beyond the ocean.

All I had to do was plunge into the infatuation. And wait till the water around me warmed up and became my home.

And now all I can think is, I wish I had plunged a long time back instead of merely dipping my toes.

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