The Fantasy of everyday Things · Whirlwind of emotions


It’s a curious feeling – to be alone!

I have a fluctuating relationship with my solitude. I love it, I hate it. I’m desperate for company, and when I have it – I’m desperate for some alone time.

While staying alone and being completely content with it might just be the most amazing feeling, humans are probably never going to achieve it.

There’s always the undying craving of being with someone, holding someone’s hand in public, knowing that someone is right behind you when you cross roads and that well-timed, heartwarming hug is always (ALWAYS) enticing.

Sometimes though, being in the presence of people for elongated periods of time – however close you are to them – may be taxing.

We are social beings, ofcourse, but the hidden push and pull of this word – alone – is fascinating.

Don’t you think?

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