The Fantasy of everyday Things · Whirlwind of emotions

The Goddess of Fire

She roared in fury, her eyes full of a mesmerising energy–hate perhaps–but even so, it was enchanting.

‘I am the Goddess of Fire,’ she said. ‘I am born out of embers. I can engulf the world in my flames, I can cover the planet in a sheet of pain. I am power, I am hunger. I am sorrow… And yet you cannot fathom me!’

‘You think I am just warmth and light, you believe I am just desires and delight!!

I make the womb of life. I feed the hunger of annihilation. I am pure inferno. I am pure love.’

‘Who am I? Where am I? You ask…

I am in the eyes of every child you’ve met. And I’m in the rage of every woman you’ve supressed. I reside in the heart of every withering soul, ready to erupt in a turmoil. My light belongs to the minds of all those you call crazy, and my ashes to to the minds of those who restrict to sanity.’

‘Remember this moment when you realise.

I am fire and I can destroy you and rip away every mask that you try!’

She whirled the wind around her, and rose to the sky. She looked down and smiled, smouldering and infinite.

‘I am the Goddess of Fire,’ she repeated slowly. ‘You will feel me in your broken heart and also when you’re misery parts.’

‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘I know you. I fathom you. I understand you. Because you are the Goddess of Fire – but can’t you see, the fire is inside of me. Everything that you are, everything that you do is born in my dreams.’

I stepped away from the mirror, and the thunderous forests and rivers and far away mountains faded away into the pale, blue, flowery wallpaper that I grew up looking at.

I looked at my reflection. The fire was still alive in my eyes, as I turned and walked back into the ‘mundanity’ that was my life.

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