Why I swim.

When I swim, everything goes underwater – me, my troubles, my frustrations, my moods. Dunked in glorious waters, all I’m aware of is my existence. I can feel the depth of my lungs, the reach of my eyesight, the strength of my limbs.

When I swim, my over-analysis and my expectations die. I’m just me – the way I aspire to be. An independent woman, a survivor.

That’s why I swim.

The reason why I feel at such peace with myself in water is that I’m truly alone. You see, when I’m in water I don’t feel lonely – I am complete, all by myself. I know that I am enough.

I can’t carry my exerting baggage down under. I can swim deep or stay afloat – its my choice, not a push or a shove. Nobody affects me, my weight or my shape when I swim. Nobody rejects me, no one lets me down.

It’s just me and the fuzzy bubbles that I create. Sometimes in the dark when the stars witness my pure bliss, and at other times when I’m awed by the beauty of the dancing sunlight on the little ripples.

I swim to feel all of this and nothing at once. I swim, because water gives me a kind of power so pure, that it is absolutely unscathed by the flaws identified only by humans.

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